Staying upright with a Neuromuscular disease like Myotonic Dystrophy

Staying Upright with a Neuromuscular Disease

From: Multiple Sclerosis Society Quest newsletter, written by Christan Medvescek

Some people have nightmares about falling off cliffs. Brad Williams has nightmares about falling — period.

“Whenever I’m walking, falling down is always the major thought on my mind,” says Williams, 39, of Alexandria, Va. “It has to be on my mind a lot for me to be dreaming about it.”

Williams has Miyoshi distal myopathy, a slowly progressive form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects the extremities. He hosts an MDA Internet chat under the nickname “dysf,” and notes that other chat participants also have reported falling nightmares. “It’s like a flying-falling dream, except it’s just about falling down.”

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