Long Distance Marathoning with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2

A RecentĀ  case study just published examined a person with a mild case of myotonic Dystrophy type 2 PROMM. This individual was a long distance marathon runner. The disease did not interference with the sport that the individual chose. Additionally, the doctors proposed that the heavy excercise may have helped to retard the progression of the disease.

“In conclusion, this case shows that PROMM may take a
mild course over at least 22 years, that PROMM with mild
myotonia may allow a patient to continue strenuous sport
activity, and that continuous physical activity may contribute
to the mild course of PROMM. The genotype/phenotype
correlation between the CCTG-expansion and the mild phenotype
is weak.

FULL STUDY can be seen at this link

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1 thought on “Long Distance Marathoning with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2

  1. I have DM2 and now use a wheelchair most of the time when i leave my house. I am 56 years old. Nine years ago I rode my bike from Phoenix to Tucson in a day. Bike riding helped me to deal with stairs. Without the exercise that biking provided, my thighs would get weak.

    I did a lot of running in my younger days. By my 30s i gave that up. There was no joy in running after my legs lost their springiness. But i did a lot of walking, hiking, and trekking until i could not. Walking helped me manage pain. I competed in half marathons as a race-walker.

    Yoga is another form of exercise I found very helpful, especially when dealing with back issues brought on by uneven strength across my body. Stretching is very therapeutic.

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