Myotonic Dystrophy and the Bladder

Bladder and urinary issues in Myotonic Dystrophy are not reported as well as they should be. Many patients report incontinence problems but this is not listed on many of the myotonic dystrophy sites as an issue. During hospitalization incontinent issues may be of greater visualization as hospitals now have bladder scanners to look at this issue. This article based on a small sample size shows there is a variety of urinary bladder issues of various nature. More work is needed to see how this issues can be overcome. 

The issues with incontinence are many as shown in the attached study. Retention issues arise as the hospitals use 400ML of urine before they want to catheterize.

See attached file for more information.



If you are in Europe there is a special card you can get to help with toileting issues both bladder and GI as many patients report urgent diarrhea. Thanks to the English MD Support group for developing this information. See below for more information on the PDF


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