Myotonic Dystrophy Testing Costs

What is the cost for confirming the diagnosis for Myotonic Dystrophy. Do patents affect this cost? This Data is current as of May 2013

The costs for patents and access to testing is a major cost in the Myotonic Dystrophy Field. Here is a brief review of the costs.

What is the cost of patents that appear in the Myotonic Dystrophy Field?You can see that the patented cost for the DM2 Testing is quite high. This test (I believe but not confirmed) is patented and leads to a higher cost. Athena diagnostics is the sole licensee of the patent for DM2 testing. University of Minnesota owner of the below patents  sets the following Royalities for the inventors. The University shall share with inventors the net income from the commercialization of technology as follows:….(a) thirty-three and one-third percent to the inventors; The rest of the royalties are divided among university depts.

Patent # 6,902,896 Laura Ranuam, John Day, Christina Liqori
Patent # 7,442,782 (Same Inventors)

What are the costs for Myotonic Dystrophy Testing? (list prices)

Athena Diagnostics (800)394-4493
Myotonic Dystrophy Panel DM1,DM2  $5,640.00
.                                         DM1 Test        915.00

Baylor University (713)798-4187
Myotonic Dystrophy DM1 Test 6041     $360.00

University of Washington
Myotonic Dystrophy Test Type 1
(depends on Insurance about $400)     $400.00

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