Florida Funding attract Key Myotonic Dystrophy Researchers to University of Florida

Building a Preeminent Research Program: The Center for NeuroGenetics

As an introduction to this newsletter, please check out a video created by Eric Wang, Ph.D., who is joining UF as an assistant professor of molecular genetics and microbiology in the Center for NeuroGenetics. This edition of On The Same Page is the story of how new and existing faculty can come together to create preeminent research programs.

In the UF community, the concept of “preeminence” has been used quite a bit of late. Florida’s “Preeminence Bill,” signed into law during the 2013 legislative session, designated the University of Florida as a preeminent university in the state. To help UF attain its goal of becoming a top 10 public university, a section of this bill provides funds to UF for the purpose of attracting outstanding faculty to advance our research mission.

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Doctors Knowledgeable about DM

We are continuing to list doctors that have a working knowledge of DM.  Most doctors will not have any patients that have had DM because the incidence of the disease is about 1/8000 and the average doctor will have less than 3000 patients. Usually about 2000 patients in multigroup practice. Thus the burden is on you to educate the doctor or find a doctor that has seen many DM patients. These doctors come to us from our members reporting from their experience. If you know a good doctor please let us know so we can add them to the site.

From:  Janet Moravec mspootsma1@aol.com

I would like to submit to you two doctors who I found to be very interested  and knowledgeable. They both are affiliated with the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, Shands Medical Center. I asked for their approval to submit their names and it was approved. These are  the doctors I am going to. I have great confidence in their abilities, and as you know that is half the battle.

Melvin Greer, MD,  Professor and Chairman – Dept of Neurology
e-mail – greerm@neurology.ufl.edu
phone – (352) 265-8408

M. Tariq Bhatti, MD, Associate Professor, Neuro-opthalmology Service
Dept of Opthalmology
e-mail – tbhatti@eye1.eye.ufl.edu
phone – (352) 846-2102

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