Disability Benefits

Individuals with CMyD and MD may be eligible for disability payments (money) from the government.  There is a web site that gives more information and can help you apply. This information only pertains to US citizens.

It might be difficult to qualify for these benefits. The government is trying to cut back on the amount they pay for disability. The help of an expert might be required.


They have a book you can buy for $49.95 plus $7 shipping. The book is called “How to apply and win Social Security Administration Disability Benefits“. Also, if you wish they can assist in navigating the complex process of applying for benefits.

The General feeling is that a person in the US should apply for disability as soon as they are unable to work a standard 8 hour day for 5 days a week. It is important to apply as soon as possbile. With the complexity of a DM case you might want to consider a professional that would help you.

They don’t charge upfront but will take your case on a fee if they win basis.

Frederick Johnson 410/740-0454 for more info

During our visit to the Muscular Dystrophy conference in England we were able to talk with the social services people in England. For a disability the social security type system in England pays the individual more than what they were making when they were working. A nice system that perhaps the USA might adopt. There is additional information on social services at the 12th annual conference web site about this disease..