Myotonic Dysrophy Affects over 10 Members of One family

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How muscular dystrophy cruelly affected 10 of my close family, by MP Dave Anderson

By Dave Anderson, Mp For Blaydon, Tyne And Wear
UPDATED: 17:33 EST, 10 October 2009

Dave Anderson MPFight: Dave Anderson is calling for more resources

My brother Bill played an immense role in my life. For one thing, he gave me my love for music. In 1962 he was bringing home Marvin Gaye records while our friends were listening to The Bachelors. And we were there together, in July 1969, when the Rolling Stones took over Hyde Park in front of thousands.

He taught me to drive and he gave me my love of the outdoor life. He convinced me to go into mining and told me about an opportunity to gain an international scholarship – both of which put me where I am today.

When, in 2001, I was made vice-president of Unison, at that time the biggest union in the country – where I stayed until being elected as a Member of Parliament four years later – my wife organised a surprise party for me. We had a great time, but the joy was muted as Bill was no longer around to share my pride.

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