The Laboratories….. Researchers working on Myotonic Dystrophy

Here are a few of the labs working on Myotonic Dystrophy

Dr. Puymirat Quebec, Canada
The major aim of the Puymirat lab is to develop a genetic therapy for Steinert dystrophy. During the last few years, the Puymirat lab developed a genetic approach capable of restoring normal functions of the affected human muscle cell. Indeed, Steinert dystrophy is caused by an abnormal accumulation of RNA in the nucleus of muscle cells. The therapy developed by the Puymirat lab is based on the specific destruction of RNA using antisense RNA and ribozymes. The research group showed in vitro that specific destruction of mRNA restored normal functions of the cell. In vivo, intramuscular injection of vectors producing antisense RNA or ribozymes reduced the levels of mutated RNA by 80%. The team is currently studying the effectiveness of this therapy in mice carrying the pathology.

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