Wonderful Conference in San Fransisco

The conference in San Fransisco was awesome. Loved every minute of it. Met some wonderful people. I got to the conference on the Thurs night. It was an awesome night. Saw Molly white the new executive director she and Amy were running ragged trying to keep everything together. Had a chance to talk with a number of families that night you had come across country for the conference.

Unfortunately I came down sick that night. maybe some food I should not have eaten. I went to an Afghan Restaurant and maybe that did it. Anyway I was able to come and see the first session Cardiac issues which was a lot of fun and very informative.The next session was DM Care and the Advocate’s Role, Dr. Cynthia Gagnon. This was an excellent presentation. She at the end went over the importance of a nurse advocate in working with DM patients. Cynthia is from Canada and they have many resources available in Quebec to help. They are working on the new checklist for management of myotonic dystrophy which is part of an international consortium. Some thoughts here:

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